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Apr. 1st, 2010 @ 04:44 pm Books on Tape
We get most of our books on tape from the library. Brian gets some from audible.com and librivox.org. Sometimes we buy them at goodwill. When we find them at the "bins" they are a super good deal because it's priced by the pound there. Most of these can be found in the YOUNG ADULT section of the library.  Anyway, here are some good ones:

*Sarah Vowell- Assassination Vacation (excellent) Wordy Shipmates (Good)
*David Sedaris- Just about anything he writes, but Me Talk Pretty One Day is particularly good
*J.K Rowling- Harry Potter- wonderfully narrated, great for long car trips
*Robert Lewis Stevenson- The Body Thief and other tales (they have this one at the Humboldt main library in Eureka)
*Lemony Snickett- Series of Unfortunate Events series The Carnivorous Carnival gave us a nickname for Charlotte: Chabo the Wolf Baby
*Kathleen O'Dell- Ophie Out of Oz This is a great book for kids who move because it's about a girl who moves to Oregon with her family and has a rocky start.
*Garth Nix- Keys to the Kingdom series
*M.T. Anderson- Feed- Young adult dystopian future
*Cory Doctorow- Little Brother
*Edward Bloor- London Calling A kid gets to do an independent study project about WWII- oh, and there are time traveling ghosts, or are there?

That's a smattering, what are some of your favorites?

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